Trying to find your style?

Not sure how to best represent yourself and your business through the way you dress?

Your clothing style is a true expression of YOU and YOUR MESSAGE. 


Find out below how to dress to express your message.

Take the quiz and find out your Essence Style!

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And who am I to help you deliver your message through your fashion style?


Hi, I’m Steffi Jo! I’m a Personal Essence Stylist.

During a very hard time in my life I found myself one day standing in my closet feeling heartbroken and lost.  

I was looking for something, that one small step to get me through my day.

I looked around for just one outfit that would make me feel good, productive and empowered. I had a closet full of options, yet I could barely find one piece to help lift me up that morning.

Something inside told me to find one outfit that I felt good wearing and it would help support me getting through the day.

I started experimenting with what was in my closet and taking notice of the effects, how did I feel, how did I present myself, and how I was perceived by others, and what were the results throughout the day.


It was life changing!

That small step towards finding joy, in the midst of chaos, unfolded a whole new path in my coaching practice and personal life.

As I began feeling better and being more present and supporting myself by consciously choosing my clothing, I started digging deeper into the psychology of colors and why I felt energized by certain clothing and not others. It was more than just personal likes and dislikes, there was a feeling attached to certain colors and textures and I wanted to understand where those feelings came from and why.

And all the dots started to connect!

I started applying all the new concepts and knowledge to support my clients empowering themselves through their fashion style. The changes were astounding!

And this is why I’m here today.

To help empower one woman at a time to feel her most expressed self to be seen, heard and loved in this world for who she is.


Ready to get started?

Take my Essence Style quiz to discover the first step to fully express yourself.



Which one would your closest friend describe you as….
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Excited to be embarking on this journey with you!


Steffi Jo.